Face it!
Immigration society.
Now. But the right way.

Conference with guest initiatives
on 19 June 2017
at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

**The conference is a closed event**

The conference will close with a public podium discussion entitled Scene of Crime - Immigration Society followed by a concert.

Germany has been an immigration society for a long time now. The 800,000 newcomers who have lived here since 2015 have reminded us of this reality.

15,000 civil society initiatives have been launched, immigrant organisations are more active than ever before and refugees are asking to take part. They can build on the experience of all those who have already been campaigning for equal participation and against racism for decades. But we need a more robust national network, greater solidarity among ourselves, specific funding and more intensive media coverage. How do we ensure that our demands, knowledge and experience take up more space – in the election year and beyond it?

We can all quote facts and figures. We know what’s going wrong and why, which makes it all the more important to discuss solutions: let’s develop ideas together and work shoulder-to-shoulder to bring about change. Let’s be forward thinking. The conference is just the beginning!

Face it! is organised by WIR MACHEN DAS, an initiative for everyone who sees immigration as opportunity. This is the only way to make Germany a society in which people can be different without fear. We launched the initiative in 2015 and are convinced that a national network and intensified dialogue between grassroots movements and decision-makers is on the horizon. We need more co-determination. We're doing it together!